Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Most malfunctioning sports wardrobe.

We all enjoy sports because it's fun and entertaining, but when one is exposed due to wardrobe malfunction, it makes us question athletes choice of dress.(women edition).

I’m not sure what the hell (former) Diva Melina Perez was thinking here.
Surely she realized that going commando in that skirt would leave
her a little exposed. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Yeah, the camera man zoomed right up in there to capture this wardrobe slippage. Oops.

Do the judges deduct points for this sort of thing?

Whoever fitted these ladies for their uniforms must have flunked out of seamstress school.

That’s embarrassing. And, I imagine, cold.

I’m starting to think the LFL doesn’t really care of the players’ boobs fall out.

Back in 1997, Lucy Lawless (aka Xena, Warrior Princess) performed the national anthem
at a game between the Mighty Ducks and Red Wings in Anaheim…and 
this happened.
Yeah, she’s not an athlete, but it happened at a sporting event, so it counts.

Remember Gabby Sabatini, the sexy Argentine tennis player? She didn’t like wearing bras,
for some reason. But hey, it worked for her. She won the US Open in 1990.

Yet another water polo player’s boob exposed. You think they
could do 
something to correct this “problem,” no?

With this one, we couldn’t tell if it was a full-blown wardrobe malfunction.
But we erred on the side of caution.

This never happens when I go to the football game.

Large breasts + small bikini top + beach volleyball = great day at the beach.

A rushing defender pulls her bra down and exposes her boob, but she is able
to cover up 
and still make the throw? Tebow can barely throw a spiral
when nobody’s on him.

I guess the costume designer didn’t have smaller breasted women in mind when
they came up with these tops. Oh well.

Not only was this embarrassing, it also created a lot of drag which
caused her to lose the race. Bummer. (Get it?)

Seriously? Another runner not wearing a sports bra in a loose-fitting shirt?

Yet another wardrobe malfunction from the world of pro wrestling. In fairness,
it’s hard to reign in those giant fake boobs.

Man, Venus just has one wardrobe malfunction after another. This time,
it’s the spaghetti strap on his camisole—er, I mean, her “shirt.”

You rarely see this sort of thing from the pros, but I imagine it’s pretty
common among amateurs.

If you pull their underwear down around their ankles, they can’t run.
It’s a pretty solid strategy.

Gymnasts practice like 60 hours a week and tend to be pretty hard on themselves.
But I didn’t know they were 
this hard on themselves.

Does Greece have an official nude women’s water polo team?
Or is was this woman the victim of the most malfunctioning sports wardrobe ever?

Kanye’s psychic told him “the one” would have an ass like Serna.
This is what that will look like.

In retrospect, they probably should have taped this thing down.
But I think we’re all glad they didn’t.

When you wear a teddy and jump in the wring to wrestle somebody,
this is almost inevitable.

I don’t recommend learning who Stephanie Pratt is. But she’s cute,
and she lost her top playing beach ball volleyball. (That’s a sport, right?)

I bet Lingerie Football League teams spend a lot of time practicing the quick boob-cover-up

I’ve got bad news and worse news. The bad news is that your pants are falling
down, and everyone can see your underwear. The worse news is that
I’m about to drop you to your death.

As Venus Williams was leaving the hotel that morning, she had this strange
feeling she had forgotten something important.

Hey, look. More gymnastics underwear. Neat.

It can be hard to tell when you have a wardrobe malfunction in this sport,
since the uniforms are so skimpy to begin with. But if you can see tan lines,
that’s a good sign you’ve got a malfunction.

You would think a runner would be wearing a sports bra. But no.

Brazilian girls love the beautiful game, that’s for sure.

When you’re wearing such tight swimsuits and using your arms this much,
boobs are bound to pop out.

To be honest, it looks like this is exactly how these cheerleader uniforms are
supposed to look. But let’s just pretend it’s an accident, because that’s more fun.

Usually, gymnasts want to keep their underwear inside their leotards, don’t they?

Venus doesn’t really expose that much skin here, but the form-fitting nude
colored undies create the illusion. And since seeing is believing, yes,
this is technically a wardrobe malfunction.

I take back what I said about #47. This may be the least sexy malfunction.
Sorry to have misled you. But from here on out we’re in the clear.

Her partner Misty May Treanor may be one of the world’s most googled female athletes,
but it’s Kerri Walsh he cracks our list of 50 classic wardrobe malfunctions. Congrats, Kerri.

This one looks a little intentional to us, but we’ll go ahead and call it a “malfunction” anyway.

This is easily the least sexy wardrobe malfunction on the list.
Bad news for you at this very moments, but good news for you going forward.

What? A wardrobe malfunction from in the Lingerie Football League?
I didn’t see that coming. (PS, there are more of these.)

Perhaps Arantxa Rus thought her skirt provided more coverage than it actually did.

You would think that, if all there was between your naked breast and the world
was a little piece of plastic string, you might wear pasties underneath
your costume…just in case.

Looks like someone grabbed the wrong pair of underwear out of the drawer that morning.

Argentine actress and model Pamela David is a big supported of the
national soccer team. Obviously.

This move has to be illegal in water polo, right? Then again, I’m not quite
sure if the look on that woman’s face is agony or ecstasy.

By the title of this one, I mean to imply that it’s not the wardrobe’s fault
this woman’s breast is exposed. That’s a huge rack that just about
any shirt would have trouble containing.

Man, nipples are the LFL’s bread and butter.

This was an attempt to bribe the judges. Sadly, only judge #6 liked what he (or she) saw.
Credit to http://www.totalprosports.com/



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